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Our Services

IT and Data Services

We recognise the fact that different businesses have different needs. We strive to create solutions that meet your business objectives.

- Consultancy & Design
- Security
- Cloud Services
- Wireless Networks
- Software Development
- Support

Voice Communications

We provide a range of solutions that are highly flexible and adaptable to the constantly changing business requirements. Our product range allows a combination of IP, digital and analogue interfaces.

- Consultancy & Design
- Security
- Hosted Solutions - iHost Cloud Services
- On-Premise IP (VoIP), Digital & Analogue Solutions
- Video / Audio Conferencing
- Support

Cabling Services

Structured Cabling requirements are often overlooked but are truly fundamental to your network installation. Different applications and devices within your business demand precise performance ratings. At the Com-Tel Group we understand these constraints and focus on providing you with a secure, reliable backbone to your critical business systems.

- Consultancy & Design
- New Building Flood-wiring, moves and changes
- Fibre Optics
- Category (CAT) 5/5a, 6/6a & 7/7a
- Network Health Checks / Auditing / Certification
- Support

IT Procurement

Let our vastly experienced procurement team aquire the best IT products and services suited for your business. Don't worry about the stategic and administrative responsabilities involved during this process, our experts will manage it from beginning to end after the initial consultation.

Network Services

Wired or Wireless? We have the solutions for your business.

In any economic climate, businesses need to keep their voice and data network traffic costs under control.

Whether you are ordering new services, have services already in place or relocating, we at the Com-Tel Group in partnership with global carriers can offer substantial savings.

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The iHost Cloud

  • Hosted Emails

    Hosting emails in the cloud enables our customers to take advantage of minimal setup cost with the ability of having a scalable and redundant email service. Our Hosted Exchange service can empower your users to seamlessly work from anywhere and any device.

  • Hosted and Virtual Servers

    We can provide both cloud and on premise virtualised server environments. Add resources as required in order to load-balance and provide your users with a scalable and reliable server solution.

  • Hosted Storage and Backup

    With files safely stored in the cloud, users can not only access data on multiple devices, but collaborate efficiently with colleagues. Our industry leading online backup solution adds assurance for complete data protection for your growing business.

  • Bespoke Software

    Tailored software solutions to enhance your business processes. Our team analyse and understand your business processes and provide a targeted software solution tailored to improve productivity and efficiency.

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Delivering Seamless Solutions

We Deliver Engagement Solutions

Our solutions go beyond collaboration and communication. Engagement is about offering a better customer experience whilst increasing productivity and profitability. Todays networks must unify communications with seamless integration into a world of mobility, apps, social media and cloud services. Today's customer relationships are ongoing conversations that unfold across time and channels.

Phone, video, email, chat, social: It’s all one integrated omni-channel now. Done right, seamless execution pays off in increased revenue and higher lifetime value of customers. Our customer engagement solutions make it possible.

Our solutions make it possible for your team to be connected effortlessly to your companies network infrastructure, each other and to your customers. Whatever your solution requirements, we can help your workforce to connect to each other from any location over any device be it at their desks or mobile.